Piercing at the Tempel Munich


Piercing at Tempel Munich

Piercings are a matter of Trust –  That’s why we only use methods and Materials we trust 100 % in our Piercingstudio Tempel Munich. – and  if you are female and are more comfortable with another female doing your genital piercing for example, -there are 3 female Piercers at our shop Tempel and you can of course choose, if you want to get your piercing done by a woman or our Main Pirecer Thomas.


The matereials we use to do the piercings are all hypoallergenic and only used once, our first use Plugs/Piercings are made from titanium G23 (100% Nickelfree) and the sanitizer we use for skin, surfaces, instruments and wounds are obviousely VAH-listed. Even for marking the future Piercing we use one single-use and sterile marker, that are disposed after one use.

Sterile surgical gloves – not dispolable latex gloves from a big box – are standard use in our Piercing studio Tempel München since we opended  in 2007 – we never did piercings another way.

The prices for Piercings include everything, meaning, the piercing itself, the plug, care product and a instruction for after care, plus a Phone number for emergencies outside our shop hours. You won’t get charged a additional fee for anything of the above, which is not self-evident for every Piercing Studio in Munich.


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