Tattooartist Tibor “Tibi” Szalai

Since 2003 Tibi is working as an Tattoo Artsist and Resident Artist at Tempel München since 2011. To praise Tibo or his work is like bringing sand to the beach – just look at his work in our gallery, they speak for themselves or better for him.

Those who fancy photorealistic Tattoos find in Tibi the right man to do it just like those who fancy dark & Horror Tattoos or even beautiful and Playful ones.

Times when Tibi still passed as insider tip are long gone, Appearances at Conventions all over Europe, the USA, Asia and the Caribbean mixed with a whole lot of awards made him popular in a very short time.

If you want a Tattoo from Tibor “Tibi”  Szalai please contact Tempel Munich for further information.