Temple Munich – Piercing, Tattoo & Bodymodification

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Welcome to Tempel München Piercing & Tattoo, the place for Tattoos, Piercings and Tattoo removal in the heart of Munich, directly at the S-Bahn station Rosenheimer Platz.

You appreciate Tattoos in nearly every style, tattooed in the highest quality by Top Tattoo Artists at reasonable prices? By Tattoo-Artist that understand there work not only a an occupation but a calling?

Regardless of whether you like a elaborate custom tattoo exclusivly done only for you or a „simple“ lettering (which are often not as simlpe as they look, as countless badly inked letterings around the world proof) – We will make time for you, because we not only love tattoos we life them.

You have a „sin of your youth“ or a badly done Tattoo and want a Cover-Up? Eventually the tattoo needs to be lightned up a bit beforhand of your goal ist o get rid of it completely?

You are searching for a competent female or male Piercer which is doing her/his Job for years now and actually was trained to do it properly?

Who did thousands of Piercings and has the professional experience?
Or you are just searching for a new piece of high quality Jewelery and want the possibility to choose between thousand of piercings? Again Welcome, you found the right place with us.

Rosenheimer Platz

Rosenheimer Straße 70 • Munich Tel +49 / 89 / 41 60 68 68 Opening Hours: Mo-Fr 10am to 8 pm, Sa 11am to 4pm