Tattoo Styles

So after long considerations you are finally standing in the Tattoo studio and tell the artist that you want to get a dragon tattoo.

He’s grinning at you mockingly asking:„Black &Grey or do you prefer coloured? Asian or European style? realistic? or more Fantasy style? Old-school would rock too…“

To help you understand what all of this means, here’s a little summary of the popular styles:


Getting very popular in recent years, realistic Tattoos

You will find this kind of tattoo mostly with portraits of family members or celebrities, but pets, animals or even complete landscapes – everything a camera can capture, has been inked realistic in recent years, this includes Black &Grey and colours tattoos. Realistic style tattoos are time-consuming to do and do need special care even years after they are done to preserve the extreme fine nuances.


The opposite to realistic is old-school Style. Old-school Tattoos are Tattoo motives that were common in the early years of tattooing. Anchors, Lighthouses, Hearts, swallows… motives popular with sailors, deliberately those tattoos lack fine nuances,

Instead bold black lines are in favour. true to the motto „Bold will hold“ Old School Tattoos are „en vogue“ again in recent years.

Asia Tattoos

Classic Asian tattoos inked in Asian style, like koi, dragons, tigers, wind, fire and water. This style does have a very long tradition and a consistent tattoo fandom.

Fantasy Tattoos

Fairies, elves, dragons, magicians… there are literally no limits to your phantasy with this style.


This style mostly pictures fusion of human and machine. Like open skin over your heart and an mechanical heart underneath – to get a better idea of this tattoo stile, you can take a look at the pictures of H.R. Giger.


Tribal Tattoos come in uncountable variations. Basically tribal tattoos are ornaments, chosen and placed on the skin suitable to the body part. In the 90s tribal Tattoos were mostly done in pure black, sometimes with a little shading. A more detailed History of tribal tattoos can be found in our Tattoo ABC


Letterings, Literally no more and no less.

Not a Tatt oo style by its own, but useful for your orientation and for the sorting of our gallery.

Black and Grey-Tattooing

Only the name for the colours of the tattoo. Black’n’Grey-Tattoos are tattoos literally only done in the colours black and grey.


keep it simple : Literally tattoos in colour.